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Coaching and mentoring in the workplace

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

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CPC is an accredited training and education provider with a team of consultants recognised for driving and improving our clients’ business results. The Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA) facilitates and promotes the training of accredited training and development providers to guarantee quality of provision.

What we offer?

At CPC, we offer assessor, moderator, facilitator, coach training and assessments for certification purposes. Regarding our coaching and mentoring, we will train the delegate coach to identify the needs of learners, analyse problems and decide on appropriate actions, prepare individual development plans, provide guidance to learners, maintain records and evaluate the mentoring service provided. The delegate will be able to refer learners for appropriate counselling or to career information agents. We will also teach the delegate to identify skills development opportunities and provide structured and targeted learning in the workplace that improves business results.

Who is suited to this workshop?

Line staff responsible for training and/or guidance in the workplace such as managers, supervisors or team leaders. HR and HRD practitioners are also suited to this.

What do you learn?

Upon completion of this workshop, the delegate will be able to guide learners in their career and developmental options as well as help learners to acquire specific skills in order to do their work, by showing them how to do the work, letting them do it and observing the result. Additionally, the workshop equips one to prepare for one-on-one training on the job, conduct coaching sessions and monitor and report on learner progress. You also learn how to review coaching, how to source and maintain information to assist and support learners. The workshop will enable you to provide assistance and support and also review support services.

The delegate must hand in a “mentoring and coaching” portfolio of evidence after the workshop. The portfolio is based on actual mentoring and coaching case studies conducted by the delegate in their workplace.

What are the benefits of coaching and/or mentoring in the workplace?

Coaching and mentoring an employee will make them more valuable to your organisation by developing and enhancing their skills - both professionally and personally. By being interested in the growth of your staff, you're showing them that you care about their progress. And this can increase their loyalty to you.

Observing your employees as they grow over a long period can help you make crucial business decisions, such as aligning the career path of an employee with their strongest skills for your business.

Staff with better training perform better. They bring in more revenue and make it easier for your business to pay for coaching overheads.

The business that has employees who are mentored may gain from greater productivity in the workplace. As employees turn to their mentors for advice, they make fewer mistakes on the job, cutting losses to the business.

Mentors gain from the mentoring relationship, too. The opportunity to teach or advise others can increase the mentor’s confidence and own job satisfaction. The mentor is required to listen to the concerns of the employee which can develop a better understanding of employee issues and stronger communication skills. If the mentor is a supervisor, mentoring can improve supervisory skills.

To start reaping these benefits, sign up for our coaching and mentoring workshop now!

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