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For your business to run efficient and effective in 2020, you need CPC’s to set up your SOPs

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Every business has their own management style that they implement. This can be efficient, but the key is to structure it in a manner that it can be followed and therefor be sustainable in the long term. Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) creates more structure in your business activities and who better that CPC to help you set it up, while keeping your business’s personal touch.

You can trust us with developing your SOP. We have extensive experience in developing SOPs over the past five years for:

  • Brewhouse, Packaging and Engineering SOPs for SAB Namibia.

  • Full suite of SOPs for all Brewhouse Equipment at SAB Alrode.

  • Entire production plant including over 36 machines at Isover Saint Gobain (including Risk Assessments).

  • SOPs across the brand-new multipack Line at SAB Rosslyn.

Our format

The way we approach SOPs is by always keeping you as customer in mind. We develop your business’s SOPs with the style guide that you provide, this includes quality photographs, screen dumps, diagrams and accurate reference to potential risks.

Typical SOPs include:

  1. Process Description

  2. Machine Description

  3. Safety

  4. Preparation and Start-Up Procedures

  5. Operating and Monitoring Procedures

  6. Quality at Source

  7. Shut Down Procedure

  8. Changeovers

  9. Troubleshooting

  10. Autonomous Maintenance

How we put SOPs together

We gather information from Subject matter Experts at the plants. This information gathering process includes taking photographs and reference to Manufacturing Manuals and existing SOPs. We capture the information into the client’s template and have the content (grammar and layout) inspected and vetted. The SOPs get submitted to the client for editing and verification of the content.

CPC’s development process

  1. Desk top development – this results in the first draft

  2. Observation- this results in the customised draft

  3. Verification- the customised draft is submitted to client for verification

  4. Final editing- the result in the final draft

  5. Sign off- this results in the approved document

Provided SOPs are written down and reviewed regularly, they include the following benefits:

  • Recruitment

  • Training

  • Smooth Operation

  • Organisation

  • Legal Responsibility

  • Establish Chain of Command

For an efficient and effective running business and more structure in your business activities get in contact with us. For a need’s analysis, detailed scoping exercise and a comprehensive quote or simply to meet us and ask further questions, please contact:

Debbie Turner on 021 858 1226 / 082 783 9330 or e-mail debbie@cpctrain.co.za

For more information visit our product page.

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