WELCOME TO CPC (Competence Performance Consulting)
“We empower people through education, training and development to drive business results”
  • Faith in our services is the foundation.
  • Organised and Ethical is our elevation.
  • Committed to the end is our commendation.
Our practical approach to workplace education and training has stood us in good stead for the past 17 years and assisted many individuals as well as large, medium and small enterprises in achieving their objectives.
We are master craftsmen imparting knowledge and skills – through blended learning techniques to build pipeline capacity – for supply chain businesses.
How can we help you leverage your personal and business results through learning and development whilst concurrently supporting and achieving the national skills development agenda?
  • Build capacity for Human Resource Development through various facilitated workshops aligned to the NQF.
  • Support and advise the design, development and implementation of learning development strategies and systems.
  • Manage and implement learnership programmes typically across manufacturing organisations.