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Autonomous Maintenance Workshop

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Autonomous Maintenance is simply the implementation of a system and process that optimises machine reliability and efficiency. Creating efficiency in factory operations can be a complex endeavor so we have streamlined it into an Autonomous Maintenance workshop whereby delegates can gain an in-depth knowledge of all the different aspects related to the practice of Autonomous Maintenance.

What will this workshop teach you?

Through this workshop we will teach you and your team in an optimal learning space using classroom presentations, discussions and technical workshop and workspace visits ensuring relevant theoretical knowledge and practical application. Through client collaboration on briefs course content is curated to focus on specific needs.

Through customised learning programs we help to facilitate a problem-solving attitude and an in-depth understanding of the practice of Autonomous Maintenance. In this course participants learn about autonomous maintenance and their role in it from professionals who will guide and facilitate the learning process.

Expert facilitation

Autonomous training ensures operational staff learn about the different components of Autonomous Maintenance as well as the role they play in it. Through our expert facilitation staff are also introduced to World Class Manufacturing principles. In addition, there is an opportunity to better perceive the practice of First Line Maintenance and how it contributes to Autonomous Maintenance.

Delegates who attend the program can expect to learn how Autonomous Maintenance contributes to the ’20 keys for process improvement” and how they relate to World Class Manufacturing concepts. Delegates will also be able to explain what Autonomous Maintenance is in relation to Asset Care. This course provides a unique opportunity to thoroughly learn about First Line Maintenance. Delegates will learn to identify its components, problem-solve for it as well as how to complete the relevant documentation. Most importantly they will learn to work safely on processes and process machinery.

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