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In order to be a really good facilitator you need training by an excellent facilitator

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

CPC is an accredited training and education provider with a team of consultants recognised for driving and improving our clients’ business results. The Education, Training and Development Practices Sector Education and Training Authority (ETDP SETA) facilitates and promotes the training of accredited training and development providers to guarantee quality of provision.

What we offer?

At CPC, we offer assessor, moderator, facilitator, coach training and assessments for certification purposes. With regards to our facilitator course, we use several methods of facilitation to introduce the concept of “engagement through multi methodological techniques” to the participants.

The way in which we conduct our workshop

We believe that in order to be a really good facilitator you need training by an excellent facilitator. We have a passion to break the old paradigm of teaching and lecturing as a way to transfer and develop skills and knowledge. This is done by actively demonstrating facilitation at its best during this workshop.

During our workshop, learning takes place through active participation that is deliberately planned. As a facilitator you hold the space through your presence, the collective wisdom is far greater than the facilitator, while the facilitator creates a safe environment in order to unleash the collective wisdom.

We use various interactive methods such as case studies, buzz groups and role plays to stimulate engagement between the participants and create an environment of ‘involved’ learning. This workshop of ours is designed to equip learners to be able to implement facilitation in the workplace on an effective basis.

Who is suited to this workshop?

Subject matter experts tasked to drive organisational/personal change through skills development and education are ideal candidates for this course. We require a minimum of 6 delegates per group to run the program on a cost-effective basis.

What are the outcomes?

During our workshop we will equip you to plan and implement facilitation using various methods. You will be able to practice stimulating facilitation principles and methods. You will be able to manage learner groups, hold the groups attention and learn how to deal with conflict in the group. You will improve your presentation skills and overcome your fears and anxieties regarding facilitating.

Benefits of facilitation

There are several benefits of a facilitation process in a workplace. Some of these can be that group members are often more motivated to support the decisions made because of their investment in the process. The best efforts of groups usually produce better results than individual efforts additionally, Increased participation within the group increases productivity.

We conduct power courses at organisations throughout the country. Please send us an enquiry for possible dates and respective costs.

for a needs analysis, comprehensive quote or simply to meet us and ask further questions, please contact: Debbie Turner on 082 783 9330 or e-mail debbie@cpctrain.co.za

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