Competence Performance Consulting (Pty) Ltd is an accredited training and education provider with a team of consultants recognised for driving and improving our clients business results.

A highly experienced education, training and development provider, driving business results by empowering people. CPC was founded in 2001 by Debbie Turner who has a BSc degree in Microbiology as well as a higher education diploma in Adult Education. Debbie also holds a Skills Development Practitioner designation from ASDSA.

Over nearly two decades, it has built an impressive reputation by partnering with clients, chiefly in the Food and Beverage sector to design, develop and implement customised best practice and NQF aligned people development strategies and systems.

In 2015, through strategic investment partnership, CPC transformed its operational reach by advancing our preferential procurement status as a national training provider.

  • We deliver learnerships and skills programmes that focus on performance within the production environment.
  • Through a close partnership we are able to create and customise learning programmes to fit the client’s unique business environment.
  • We develop long term partnerships by occupying a seat at the client’s business table.
  • We have a national footprint and a solid reputation.
  • Our team possesses a wealth of indisputable subject matter expertise in our specialised area of offering.
  • We are not afraid to pioneer a different approach.


Our logo is based on the three interdependent circles of the “performance” pyramid.

Each circle depicts a critical component. Performance in an organisation can only be achieved when each circle is optimised:

  • Quality of People Recruited.
  • Development of those people to achieve competence.
  • Optimisation of the environment where those people demonstrate competence to achieve performance.

The CPC niche lies predominantly in the second circle.